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Apr 15th 2011 2:10 pm   stars
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The Three Chimneys

April 2011, Toronto, ON - There's no better way to commemorate Scotland Week than to have one of U.K.'s famed chefs come to Canada to show us around the kitchen in a kilt. Gastronomy is chef Michael Smith's passion, and it's evident with every flick of the frying pan, dash of dill and chop of chervil. His dish of the day is the Three-Salmon Kedgeree, which he serves regularly for breakfast at Scotland's 5-star restaurant The Three Chimneys on Isle of Skye.

Long before he became head chef of the highly acclaimed restaurant, Smith had developed a strong affinity for Scottish cuisine and fresh local ingredients that has become part of his esteemed signature. Among a sea of sparkling accolades, The Three Chimneys won "Best Rural Restaurant" at the Scottish Restaurant Awards 2011 and has been lauded by The New York Times’ food critic Frank Bruni as one of his top five restaurants. This recipe is also showcased in the April/May issue of City Life Magazine. 

(Enough for 6/8 breakfast portions)

2 cups      Basmati Rice
450 g        organic Scottish salmon fillet
3               lemon slices
2               onion slices
2               bay leaves
2               sprigs of parsley with stalks
1               sprig of fennel with stalk
1 tbsp       white peppercorns
Pinch        Maldon sea salt
11/4 cup    dry white wine
11/4 cup    water
1               medium onion finely chopped
60 g          unsalted butter
1               large lemon zest finely grated
3               large eggs hard-boiled and chopped
4               spring onions   
125 g        hot-smoked salmon (optional)
125 g        peat-smoked salmon (optional)
2 tbsp        mixed chopped chives, parsley, dill, chervil, lemon balm, fennel

-        A little butter and fresh double cream for serving

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The Three Chimneys

ADDRESS Colbost IV55 8ZT
CITY Dunvegan
PROVINCE Isle of Skye
PHONE +44 (0)1470 511258
EMAIL eatandstay@threechimneys.co.uk
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