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Oct 14th 2010 11:41 am   stars
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Tapestry And Decor

No matter how extraordinary Rosalia Fazzari’s original ideas are, she ensures that a homeowner’s individual style continues to permeate the home.

Specializing in residential and corporate design, Tapestry Décor, which is located in Vaughan, offers its customers a refreshing way to give their space the fine look they’ve always desired but couldn’t achieve on their own. “I’m very eclectic. I love texture, I love colour, I love the richness,” says Fazzari, owner of Tapestry Décor.

As an interior designer who began crafting her own space into a masterpiece, Fazzari puts a great deal of care and enthusiasm into every project she takes on, as though it was for her own home.

Whether it’s through a nostalgic antique accessory or a gorgeous splash of colour, Tapestry Décor’s designs and styles will vamp up any interior.

While constantly creating an innovative, striking look with unique furniture, accessories and details for the interiors she is working on, Fazzari strives to incorporate pieces and elements that make her clients’ homes really feel like home.

“I don’t [just] like designing someone’s home with my styles,” says Fazzari. “I always really try to focus and listen to them because it’s truly their home and everyone going into their home should fell like they’re part of them.”

Whether it’s with a consultation, custom drapery design, room arrangement or custom upholstery, Fazarri has the knowledge, experience and dedication to piece together an interior that will amaze.  


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Isabella | Oct 20 2010 5:05 pm


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Tapestry And Decor

ADDRESS 250 Vaughan Valley Blvd. - Unit B
CITY Woodbridge
PHONE (416) 710-3086 - (905) 264-0635
EMAIL Info@tapestrydecor.ca
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