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Spaw Boutique

Proper grooming is extremely important for pets. Not only does it keep your pooch looking pretty, but it’s also a critical part of maintaining hygiene and overall health of your best friend. So why settle for anything less than the best? At Spaw Boutique in the bustling Toronto community of King Street West, your dog is treated to a relaxing and enjoyable experience they’re sure to love.

“A lot of my friends had small dogs and were not always having the most desirable experiences when going to dog spas. So, I wanted to provide my friends and colleagues with a comfortable environment for their dogs,” says Eve Macarthur, owner of Spaw Boutique.

Merging a passion for art with her love of animals, Macarthur has compiled a team of professional groomers. Trained in safe and sanitary techniques, the Spaw Boutique team  ensures your dog is treated with the utmost care and respect.

“I think what really sets our staff apart is that everybody here has a passion for animals. A lot of our groomers here have a lot of experience,” Macarthur explains, adding that one on-site stylist has been practising for 14 years. 

With years of extensive knowledge and skill, the team at Spaw Boutique is ready to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes, offering some of the most fashionable doggie-dos.

“It’s really surprising what a wide range of things you can do with dog hair cuts. We do everything from the traditional nail trim – the Mani and Pawdicure – to hair dye for special events, mohawks, really specialized cuts: anything from a continental cut on a poodle to the very simple short puppy cut,” Macarthur describes.

Although specializing in dog grooming, Spaw Boutique has also adapted to the needs of the modern pet owner by providing a doggie daycare for those who don’t want to leave their pets alone all day.

“The great thing about the doggie daycare is that if they do have special requests, if there is a diet that they need to follow – if they need to be fed through the day – if they’re on some sort of medication, we can do that for them.”

For the very best in puppy pampering and care, visit the helpful and compassionate staff at Spaw Boutique.


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Company Info

Spaw Boutique

ADDRESS 852 King street west
CITY Toronto
PHONE 416 366 SPAW (7729)
EMAIL info@spawboutique.com
Get Directions
Monday - Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm Sunday Closed

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