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Infiniti Canada

To celebrate its recent partnership with Red Bull Racing, Infiniti Canada invited various journalists and VIP guests to the Circuit ICAR track days before the 2011 Montreal Grand Prix to take a spin with global brand ambassador and Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel.

CitylifeTV.ca’s Madeline Stephenson had the honour of riding shotgun with the 23-year-old racing prodigy, who, after last year’s impressive season performance, captured the Formula One world championship, marking Vettel as the youngest champion in the sport’s history. “To be honest, I don’t really care about the age,” says Vettel in a casual yet humble manner. “It’s nice to be world champion, but that’s about it. Whether you are young or old I don’t think it makes a big difference.”

As Vettel tears up the track in the Infiniti G37 IPL, he expressed his excitement to be back racing in Montreal. “I love coming to Montreal,” says the youngest pole and race winner in F1 history. “The whole city is living the Grand Prix, so it’s a very nice feeling for us to come here and do what we love.”

The 2011 season marks the first year of the Infiniti-Red Bull Racing partnership, and both camps couldn’t be more adrenalized. “For us it’s very exciting to have them on board as a commercial partner of the team,” says Dominik Mitsch, head of marketing for Red Bull Racing. “In terms of a brand fit, I think it’s ideal. It’s great to have them with us, and also with Sebastian Vettel as the global brand ambassador for Infiniti. There’s a lot of joint ventures that we can do together, and hopefully more to come in the future.”


More than Just Style

Look good and be safe while driving your luxury Infiniti vehicle.

Their vehicles whisper nothing but class, elegance and preferred style – and let’s not forget that Infiniti revolutionized the streamlined style that other cars and SUVs now mimic but never matched. If you want your vehicle to be luxurious and refined but you also want to be safe driving it, you want to deal with Infiniti Canada.

Not only has Infiniti won back-to-back Automotive Lease Guide awards for residual value in a luxury brand, it also won the 2008 Initial Quality Award from J.D. Power and Associates. From the initial purchase of your Infiniti vehicle, its superiority guarantees a satisfaction that will endure the length of your ownership.

It all began with the now infamous G37 series, a car fit to outduel competition triple its price. Starting at $46,300, the G37 series has drawn comparisons to cars that cost six figures because of its sleek design and lavish interior. Taking the arc used to mould the G37, Infiniti incorporated the same style into its now notorious line of SUVs. Since the release of the FX, other car companies have subtly begun to imitate the FX’s sporty curves and rounded edges instead of building blocky eyesores.

But what makes Infiniti really special is not its trademark design or its lush and comfortable interiors but its commitment to driver safety. Around all Infiniti vehicles exists an invisible wireless shield that transmits information to the driver. The Forward Collision Warning system uses a laser rangefinder to alert the driver of an imminent collision by providing a visual and audible warning. And if such an instance occurs, the Intelligent Brake Assist feature will automatically apply the brakes to reduce the force of impact.

With its Distance Control Assist technology, it’s unlikely that drivers will even face such a harrowing experience because the system monitors and maintains a safe distance between your vehicle and others around it. All of these safety features transmit information to the driver through Infiniti’s Around View Monitor – a set of cameras that provides drivers with a 360-degree view of their surroundings. 

Of course, the cameras also keep the vehicle in its lane via the Lane Departure Warning and Prevention system. By monitoring clearly marked lanes ahead of the vehicle, this feature will sound an alarm if you drift out of your lane and, if you do so again, it will gently apply brakes to the opposite side of the vehicle to ease it back into position, all in an effort to make driving these beautiful cars safer than any others.

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