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Jul 30th 2010 11:11 am   stars
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Poser - Caitlin Cronenberg

Gathering a group of friends, acquaintances and strangers to bare all for her new book is Canadian photographer Caitlin Cronenberg’s most recent achievement. Poser is its name and inside you’ll find a candid collection of nude images of real people who live real lives. “Each one has a very specific story that goes along with it,” says the 25-year-old talent. Capturing the authentic reactions and vulnerability of her subjects, Cronenberg teaches us a valuable lesson about the ability to transmit a flurry of emotions in a single still frame.

Cronenberg’s ability to get her subjects to feel accepted while in the nude shines through in the pages of Poser. “She wants you to just react how you normally would and she wants to get something natural from you, and you’re not going to be natural if you feel uncomfortable; so she’s really good at bringing that out of you,” says friend and fashion designer Jessica Biffi, who appears in the book.

On July 15th, 2010, members of the media, Poser subjects and Cronenberg’s cronies crowded into Toronto’s historic Berkeley Church to join the fresh photographer at her official book launch celebration. “This is the part that I’ve been waiting for and it’s been a long-time coming; it’s been four years in the making to get me to this night and so I can’t think of anything better than this moment,” says Cronenberg, who graduated from Ryerson University’s fashion design program.

If her last name sounds familiar it’s because her father is famed horror movie director David Cronenberg. “I just have always looked at my father and thought, you know what, he’s doing exactly what he wants to do and he’s loving it,” she says. With a list of people she’d still love to shoot and an enigmatic project to follow, Cronenberg gives us good cause to keep our eyes open.

Poser is officially available online and in bookstores. www.caitlincronenberg.com/poser/

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