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Sep 8th 2010 11:04 am   stars
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Oceana Ball

At just 21, Britney Kuczynski wanted to help children around the globe receive the life-saving surgery they needed but could not afford.

On Aug. 27, 2010, the Oceana Ball, an extravagant fundraiser event created by Kuczynski in support of the Herbie Fund, filled Toronto’s Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex with some of the country’s elite fashion industry movers and shakers. The Herbie Fund helps to provide children around the world with funds to receive a critical surgical treatment they need at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

“My heart is always with international children and the whole idea of bringing international children into our country just kind of fascinated me … Things kind of all just started coming together,” said Kuczynski, who founded the Oceana Ball last year.

A sea of people gathered together to experience art and couture for a good cause with a stunning exhibit showcasing the captivating work of some of Canada’s top fashion designers, musicians, models and artists. Tons of live and interactive entertainment treated guests with dancing, delicious gourmet food and performances. “It’s kind of like a multi-mission endeavour … There’s so much profound Canadian talent in this country so we figured we’d unite the theme of philanthropy and fashion and try and bring as much attention to the cause as possible.”

With a lavishly lit and decorated room filled with people celebrating their donations to a worthy cause, Kuczynski’s kind heart, hard work and benevolence shone.

“I have an 18-year-old daughter and I want my daughter to aspire to be Brittney. Britney is a university student with the most amazing heart and ever since she was a young child, she’s just been giving back to the communities,” says Bev McMillan, Oceana Ball co-chair.

The name of the ball, Oceana, stands for unity and a body of water, which joins all communities \for the betterment of humanity.

To date, the Herbie Fund has helped over 640 children from 90 different countries to receive specialized medical and surgical treatment.

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Oceana Ball

ADDRESS 25 British Columbia Rd
CITY Toronto
PHONE (416) 813-7812 (Herbie Fund)
EMAIL oceanaball@gmail.com
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