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Oct 25th 2010 9:56 am   stars
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Nikki Beach

Bringing the beach to the world.

Palm trees, classic décor and flowing white drapes transformed Toronto into a modish, tropical nightlife destination fit for celebrities and stargazers.

Nikki Beach – a company that introduces the concept of a beach club to cities around the world – brought a chic celebration to C Lounge for the 35th annual Toronto International Film Festival.

The concept, which was first created in Miami Beach in 1999 by Eric Omoré, has quickly caught the attention of avid night clubbers and Hollywood’s finest.

“A lot of what we had to offer was new and people were getting into it and played the game so we were able to leave from that and grow the company,” says Omoré.

With hopes to expand to other countries, Nikki Beach has already brought the feeling of a poolside urban oasis to an array of destinations over the past 11 years, which include the Caribbean beach village of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, the island of St. Barths, and New York.

“In the next two years, we’ll be in 19 countries, so we’re really looking forward to that growth,” says Peter Higney, director of operations for the worldwide chain of Nikki Beach clubs.

Gracing Toronto for the second time at this year’s TIFF, Nikki Beach took Toronto by storm.

“We partnered with the Liberty Entertainment Group. They have a great foundation here, they’re good, honest-working people,” says Higney.

On top of revolutionizing the way people party, Nikki Beach is also expanding its concept of a beach club sanctuary to hotels and resorts.

With seven new hotels opening around the world in places like Egypt, Jordan and Panama in the next three years, expect to experience modern magnificence in a lot more destinations.

For more information and a list of events and locations, visit www.nikkibeach.com

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Company Info

Nikki Beach

ADDRESS One Ocean Drive
CITY Miami Beach
PHONE +1 786-515-1130
EMAIL infoi@nikkiBeach.com
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