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Mar 24th 2010 10:46 am   stars
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Mercedes-Benz Canada

For 2012, Mercedes-Benz is adding some extra power and performance to the sophisticated luxury of its S 550 sedan. Curious about the enhancements to the vehicle, automotive enthusiast Jim Williams, president of Williams Telecommunications, took the currently labeled S 550 Biturbo for a spin.

With 429-horsepower and 516 pounds of torque pumping from its 4.6-Litre twin-turbo V-8, the model William’s tested easily sped from 0 – 100 kilometres/hour in five seconds flat. “Compared to the normally aspirated sedan, this car actually has all the acceleration that you want,” says Williams. “It’s instant gratification and it has no turbo lag whatsoever.”


Jim Williams
Williams Telecommunications
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Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 2A9
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Mercedes-Benz Races Down the Long Road Ahead

Few car companies can say that they haven’t experienced a few flat tires while treading down the long road to economic recovery. But in the midst of some dreary weather, a few manufacturers  have managed to shine – many of them ironically falling under the high-end luxury category. In March, Mercedes-Benz Canada reported its best month and first quarter results in the company’s history – a major feat for any brand roughing the terrain in the auto industry right now.

By selling almost 3,000 Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles, they increased their overall sales by 25 per cent from March 2009. These figures convey hope and a message that others can perhaps overcome this economic climate if the right elements are in place. With 50 years in the Canadian market, Mercedes-Benz is not unfamiliar with economic volatility. “This company has gone through a lot of different developments, difficult times, good times but at the end of the day it’s the longest standing car manufacturer in the world,” says Marcus Breitschwerdt, president of Mercedes’ Canadian operations.

Maintaining momentum and pioneering innovative projects is what gives the company its competitive advantage and industry stronghold. Mercedes-Benz Canada’s clients are individuals who know what they want. At the Toronto unveiling of the 2011 SLS AMG, Mercedes-Benz mingled with hundreds of owners and potential buyers. “It’s a great car, reliable,” says Robert Herjavec of The Herjavec Group and Shark Tank. “I’ve never experienced something like this. People from all ages, all professions and all backgrounds are really absolutely thrilled about it. We sold half of the production before anybody had even seen the car other than some pictures,” says Breitschwerdt.

Some of their strongest sales this season came from the C-Class and GL-Class models. With a following as dedicated as Mercedes-Benz’s, it’s easy to see how the company not only survives tough times but also often surpasses its competitors. “The general principle of our founders has been the best or nothing – to strive for the best, to try to really give our customers the best we can,” says Breitschwerdt. “I guess this is what people like.”

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Ahad Qureshi | Jun 25 2011 2:00 am

HAHAHA Yes Jim Williams, I didn't know you made videos for car reviews, now make a video of your collection!!

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Mercedes-Benz Canada

ADDRESS 98 Vanderhoof Ave.
CITY Toronto
PHONE 1-800-387-0100
EMAIL info@mercedes-benz.ca
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Monday to Friday 9 AM - 5 PM

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