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Apr 8th 2011 10:23 am   stars
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LG Fashion Week - Fall Winter 2011

Fresh-faced models frantically dash from hair to makeup amid the backstage butterflies that float from one runway show to the next. All the while, industry veterans and fashion journalists meander through crowds to find that stark white paper with bold black lettering that authenticates their coveted seat. While some designers are confident that their spring/summer 2011 collection will hit the mark, others wear a pale shade of panic on their faces: ‘will months of hard work go to waste?’ It’s the last week of March and the subjective art of fashion is in full-force at Toronto’s Heritage Court, Exhibition Place. As the lights dim, the base begins to boom and photographers’ shutters begin to flutter. A feeling of feverish anticipation washes over. This is Toronto’s LG Fashion Week.
Created by the Fashion Design Council of Canada, LG Fashion Week has brought talented designers from across the nation to the forefront for the past 12 years. A few stars from this season include Basch by Brandon, Chloé comme Parris, Label, Shan, Rudsak, Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh, Or by Angela Chen, and many more. While Basch by Brandon flawlessly homogenized sexy and feminine, others presented modern, edgy contrasts like sister design duo Chloé comme Parris. All around, the week was a smashing success that shone a light on exceptional homegrown artistry.
CitylifeTV.ca gets behind the scenes to bring you insight straight from your favourite Canadian designers. From inspiration to future dreams and post-show feelings, hear from famed Montreal designer Denis Gagnon, contemporary couture designer Choryin Choi of Cydelic by Choryin, sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon, Evik Asatoorian of Rudsak, Brandon Dwyer of Basch by Brandon, Chantal Levesque of Shan swimwear, Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk of Label and Kirsten Korhani of Korhani Home.

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LG Fashion Week - Fall Winter 2011

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