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Nov 1st 2010 12:23 pm   stars
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LG Fashion Week

The style of power was the common thread this year at LG Fashion week's Spring 2011 preview. Throughout the six-day October collection showcase, Canadian designers courted fashion journalists and industry experts with their romanticized spring fashions at Exhibition Place's Heritage Court. Capturing front row views and exclusive interviews is citylifeTV.ca's way of virtually taking you to one of our nation's most notable fashion events.
With an uncertain economic climate, the accessory and clothing industry crave consumer attention more than ever for their subsistence. “The economic crisis does effect us, I'm going to be honest ... but that just forces you as a designer to do better work,” says Wesley Badanjak of Lovas. This event, in its 12th year, continues to provide a critical platform for many of Canada's novice and veteran designers.
Some prominent names that led their spring lines down the runway include Rachel Mara, Chloé comme Parris, Pink Tartan, Basch by Brandon R. Dwyer, Lovas, Evan Biddell, OR by Angela Chen, House of Groves and a list of others. Based on what citylifeTV.ca caught on film, the spring season of 2011 is slated to be seductive, contemporary and at times, quite colourful. It might not be easy to think so far ahead, but LG Fashion Week by L'Oréal Paris will bring its Fall 2011 collection to life this summer.

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Chyna | Jan 24 2012 7:14 am

Cool! That's a clever way of looking at it!

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