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Aug 25th 2010 2:16 pm   stars
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Zanchin Automotive Group

With high gas prices and today’s tough economic times, running a business can be daunting – especially if your business involves selling cars. Boasting one of the most extensive automotive brands in Ontario, Zanchin Automotive Group has adapted its approach while maintaining a customer-first philosophy.

“We adapted to what [was needed] to overcome the recession… you [have] to work harder to obtain less,” says Joseph Zanchin, president of Zanchin Automotive Group.

Zanchin’s Maple Toyota has received the Pinnacle Award from Toyota for Most Outstanding Customer Service the last two years in a row, and is aiming for its third.

This attitude reflects sales of approximately 25,000 cars per year. “We don’t want a customer to become a customer and then forget us. We try to get close to them and make them a friend,” says Zanchin.

The employees of Zanchin also recognize that customer satisfaction is more difficult today than it ever was. Every customer is unique, with his or her own individual needs.

“Customer satisfaction nowadays is not easy. They are very demanding, very intelligent, they know what they want … they have the right to ask for the maximum, and we provide that,” Zanchin explains.

Being in the automotive industry also means understanding the impact cars have on the environment and having the latest eco-friendly cars available. Vehicles such as the Honda Hybrid CR-Z and the brand-new, pure electric Nissan Leaf give customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.

Zanchin Automotive Group does not just provide customers with cleaner cars; they set environmentally conscious examples for other businesses. Zanchin’s Maple Honda goes the extra mile by having a Canadian-made wind turbine on location to power their dealership.

With some of the largest facilities in Canada, exceptionally high customer service and an environmentally conscious attitude, Zanchin Automotive Group is sure to have the right vehicle for you.

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Nida Tacloy | Feb 11 2013 9:03 pm

pretty cars

Company Info

Zanchin Automotive Group

ADDRESS Zanchin Automotive Group 5585 Hwy 7
PHONE 1 (866) 711-5979
EMAIL Info@zanchinauto.com
Get Directions
Monday to Thursday 9:00AM - 9:00PM Friday to Saturday 9:00AM - 6:00PM Sunday's Closed

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