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Apr 6th 2011 10:29 am   stars
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Harry Rosen Inc

Canadian fashion icon Harry Rosen has altered the industry with his upscale menswear and avant-garde business model.  

God is in the details. When a German architect uttered these words many moons ago, its impact on one of Canada’s most visionary retailers is often understated. Larry Rosen, CEO and chairman of Harry Rosen, continues to evolve his father’s retail empire keeping this philosophy in mind, since the founding father of upscale menswear hung up his measuring tape.

That might explain why the Rosens believe in cuff links, paisley socks and pocket squares, taking accessorizing a suit to a level of religion.

“Wearing the proper tie is just as important as wearing the right fit [of a suit],” says (Larry) Rosen, who also cleaves to the doctrine that one is never capable of overdressing – only under dressing.

According to Rosen, men should learn to be more comfortable wearing suits outside of the workplace – it exudes a sort of sexy power women instantly adhere to. If dressing in the entire set feels unnatural, ditch the tie and pair an unstructured jacket by Hugo Boss with jeans. And always be weary of the details – a cognac leather belt will do more than keep up your pants – it will hold your look together.

Similarly, one can play around with different colours and textures in garments – how about a mauve mélange of wool, silk and linen twilled on a single-breasted blazer by Tom Ford to update a mixture of black-and-white, which languishes as “boring” in today’s day and age, Rosen says.

That’s the thing about 'business casual' in the 21st century – it has evolved from strictly wedding-formal or day-on-the-beach casual to unite both ends of the spectrum – a style Harry Rosen adopted for the men they dress quite some time before the rest of the Canadian market acknowledged the shift.

But with the first days of sun and sand fast approaching, how can men stay on top of their style game without succumbing to the usual T-shirt-and-shorts combination? “I have yet to meet a man who wouldn’t look good in a tan suit,” Rosen says, suggesting that it be paired with a crisp blue shirt for a  heightened mode of elegance, all the while remaining as cool as ice, on account of the lightweight material.

Harry Rosen claims 40 per cent of the Canadian market in men’s fashions, and as the exclusive retailer of the Tom Ford and Tod’s collections in Canada, the company continues to set new standards in luxury. With half a century of business experience behind them, Harry Rosen is still tailor-made, to teach Canadians the ties of the fashion trade – and of course, remind them that it’s the little details that count.


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Company Info

Harry Rosen Inc

ADDRESS 82 Bloor Street West
CITY Toronto
PHONE (416) 972-0556
EMAIL jgreen@harryrosen.com
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Monday:10am - 7pm Tuesday:10am - 7pm Wednesday:10am - 7pm Thursday:10am - 9pm Friday:10am - 9pm Saturday:10am - 6pm Sunday:12pm - 6pm

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