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Oct 25th 2010 11:10 am   stars
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Falling Whistles

Vintage whistles drew in crowds to Holt Renfrew’s flagship store on Bloor Street for the Falling Whistles campaign appearance in Canada.

The war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of history’s most horrific – with more than six million war-related deaths. It is Falling Whistles’ mission to draw awareness and end the tragedy of young boys being used as shields in one of the world’s longest wars.

This campaign began when its Californian founder, Sean Carasso, went backpacking through Africa for three months to experience exciting sights and sounds, and instead ended up witnessing horror in the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“On the fifth day, we found a military camp that was beating former child soldiers – it was treating them as enemies of the state and so we freaked out and we were just calling everybody we know [saying] ‘you [have to] get these kids pulled out, you [have to] get these kids pulled out,’” says Carasso.

Carasso says the boys told him that the kids too small to carry a gun were sent to the front lines with only a whistle and were essentially human shields.

Stirred by the horror, Carasso wrote a blog called “Falling Whistles” and sent it to 80 friends and family members. They quickly forwarded his call to action around the world.

“I woke up the next day with hundreds and eventually thousands of messages in my inbox saying: ‘What can we do? How do we help? Why is this happening?’”

Not long after, Carasso began selling symbolic whistles to raise money and awareness. The campaign quickly took off and his message of peace is spreading to cities all around the world.

“This is a problem of massive, massive proportions,” says Carasso. “It’s largely funded by what’s called the illicit trading of minerals and the minerals end up in our electronic products – so our cellphones, our computers – this is what’s sort of funding in fuelling the war.”

At the Falling Whistles event in Toronto, people were encouraged to purchase vintage whistles from Holt Renfrew for $55 to help rehabilitate and advocate for war-affected children while forming a global coalition of whistle-blowers that demand conflict-free electronics.

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Falling Whistles

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