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DuRock Alfacing International

A helping hand in the finishing touches

Gary Campacci, president of DuROCK, explains the revelation of the company’s finishing products and systems

The lighting in the bathroom or colour of the drapes may add a little sparkle and statement to your home, but your roof, floor and interior and exterior walls are integral to ensuring your home has all-around beauty and stability.

DuROCK Alfacing International is a Canadian family-run business that has been around for 30 years. They manufacture industry-leading products in Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) as well as specialty products and coatings for floors and walls.

“Our main product is our jewel stone and that’s again a setaceous overlay. We’ve been manufacturing that for approximately 20 years now,” says Campacci.

Campacci says while DuROCK has a vast assortment of water-based coating products with no harmful solvents, another product of theirs remains in demand.

The bright, colourful outer shell of many of the malls, banks and even bars that we frequently visit are often made of acrylic stucco – a standing popular staple material that DuROCK patented.

Many of the columns and accents of libraries, hospitals and even community centres have been designed using DuROCK’s EIFS to help restore the structures and add some new appeal to them without breaking the bank.

With their durable and aesthetically pleasing materials, DuROCK can add incredible detailing to the boring, bare floors and walls you may have in your own space with their beautiful moulding, arches and even detailed coatings that can give your home a striking revamp. DuROCK’s materials are also extremely durable, so they will last for years before needing to be replaced or retouched.

They’ve also found a way to help people make their living spaces more energy efficient with their innovative system that creates a full line of drainage and venting behind the insulation in a home. It has caught the attention of a number of residential builders and high-rise apartment building architects have begun to implement DuROCK’s system as well as acrylic coatings in their models.

Located in Woodbridge, Ontario, DuROCK has worked both in and around the city and is committed to providing its clients with a chance to transform their homes, businesses or facilities with some of the best architectural and building products available in the industry.

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Company Info

DuRock Alfacing International

ADDRESS Roytec RD Unit 101 -B
CITY Woodbridge
PHONE (905) 856-0133
EMAIL Info@durock.com
Get Directions
Monday to Friday 7 AM - 5 PM

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