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Feb 16th 2011 9:46 am   stars
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Brett Wilson

In this citylifeTV.ca exclusive, the team gets behind the scenes with Canada’s most beloved businessman as he’s interviewed and photographed for national luxury lifestyle publication Dolce Vita Magazine. A star panelist on CBC’s hit show Dragons’ Den, 53-year-old W. Brett Wilson has become known for his exceptionally kind temperament towards aspiring entrepreneurs who come on set hoping to solidify a deal. His tender disposition during this photo/video shoot is a pure reflection of his character. What you see is what you get. 

Wilson’s financial fortune came from a Calgary based oil company called FirstEnergy Capital Corp. that he founded in 1993 and has since stepped down from. As an investment capitalist, the multimillionaire presently has several sources of income, but Prairie Merchant Corp. and Canoe Financial are his full-time jobs.

Dedicating much of his time to spurring the growth of his first company, Wilson admits to almost losing his family. Though he did divorce from his wife, his relationship with his children has strengthened. In addition to his kids, Wilson spends much of his time giving back to the world, whether it’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Alzheimer’s disease, visiting Canadian troops in Afghanistan or donating millions of dollars to prostate cancer. Wilson considers himself a “cancer graduate,” having triumphed a diagnosis of prostrate cancer in his 40s. “Wealth and happiness don’t go hand in hand. They can, but one doesn’t lead to the other,” he says.

In a world where so many businessmen are focused on the bottom line, Wilson sets the bar high. Converting the phrase “corporate social responsibility,” to “corporate social opportunity,” he encourages fellow entrepreneurs to see philanthropy in an inspiring, mutually supportive light. “I see corporate social opportunity – in other words, corporate philanthropy – as an incredible opportunity to change the world, an opportunity to change your brand, an opportunity to build goodwill with your clients, your customers, sometimes your competitors and for sure your staff. The opportunities are so many, I find amusement when I hear people say, ‘oh yeah, but with great wealth comes great obligation.’ No. With great wealth comes great opportunity. A very different perspective.”

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Brett Wilson

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