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Mar 24th 2010 10:36 am   stars
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BWM Canada

For Professionals

Let your new BMW take you where you’ve never gone before

It only takes three letters and three colours to identify one, and once recognized, a BMW places its owner on another level of experience – both while driving their automobile and in terms of the type of person they are. When you’re seen driving a Beamer, everyone knows you like to chase the good life and will accept any challenge.

BMW Canada knows this and it knows its demanding owners would jump at any opportunity to have professional drivers instruct them on how to get the most out of their vehicle. When you think about it, what training, other than a few boring and mandatory classes before going for your driver’s test, do you really have in regards to skilled driving?

You get your licence and you hit the road. But when you buy your BMW, get ready for a whole new experience. If you want, you can enrol in a range of driving courses; because with a BMW, you’re going to want to make sure you have the skills and talent to handle its elemental, race-track feel and keep its pristine body intact.

Whether you want to hone your already high driving skills or develop them, there’s a course for you. Like the Winter or Compact course which, like all courses, includes a fully catered breakfast and lunch. In the Winter course you will learn steering techniques and vehicle dynamics to ensure a safe drive in rough conditions and how to take advantage of BMW’s innovative Dynamic Stability Control.

Have you ever wanted to control and spin your vehicle 180 degrees like you’ve seen in the movies? Well, to teach you drifting control, the Winter course includes that too. The Compact class takes you on a course filled with obstacles, like when you see car experts reviewing and testing the newest and finest versions of the BMW series.

There’s also advanced courses for those who’ve already completed the basics, like the Fascination courses that take you out on a race track for laps. One thing is certain: when you own and drive a BMW, you’ll be taken to a level of driving unlike any other. It’ll be more than just driving a car. It’ll be manoeuvring a vehicle through ‘The Ultimate Driving Experience.’

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Company Info

BWM Canada

ADDRESS 920 Champlain Court
CITY Whitby
PHONE 1-800-567-2691
EMAIL info@BMW.ca
Get Directions
Monday to Thursday 8:30 AM - 8 PM | Friday 9 AM - 6 PM

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