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Mar 24th 2010 12:18 pm   stars
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Alfa Cappuccino

Brewing a taste of Italy in each and every cup

Start your mornings off on the right foot. Alfa Cappuccino invites coffee lovers to their showroom for a selection of world class coffee machines. Brothers Sam and Ross Cammalleri opened Alfa Cappuccino Imports with the desire to bring the world’s finest coffee to your doorstep. By importing the finest espresso, coffee and restaurant equipment to the Canadian market, the Cammalleri family celebrates the sweet sensations of coffee and the cultural heritage behind each cup.

Refusing to settle for less, the Cammalleri’s decided that the representation of Italian culture in Canadian coffee just wasn’t enough. The foundation of Alfa Cappuccino Imports is the passion and deep respect for the Italian tradition of authentic coffee. Their mission is to “spread the taste, the culture and preparation method of the true Italian Espresso to the whole world. Translating this objective into action means offering a product of the utmost quality, quality that is guaranteed from the coffee plant to the cup.”

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the privately owned business prides itself on its alliance with the highest quality coffee machines and brands such as La Spaziale, Solis, Rancilio, Azkoyen, VFA, and Quality Espresso. In addition to premium machines, Alfa carries top quality coffee beans including Ionia, Lavazza, Melitta and Tazza D’Oro. Importing and distributing exclusive coffee beans is all a part of the package. From head to toe, Alfa Cappuccino has covered all areas in the art of coffee, maximizing its potential to the highest calibre.

Despite Alfa Cappuccino’s specialized role in coffee and espresso machines, they are no strangers to restaurant machinery and accessories. These include outdoor ovens, Blindtec blenders, pizza ovens, faba grills and meat slicers. Snag an Elcor blender or a Croydon Faba Grill. As well, Alfa’s service department is available to ensure that any issues can be fixed quickly and efficiently.

Whether it is achieving gastronomical success for commercial use or to make the house a happier home, Alfa Cappuccino has it all. Thanks to Alfa Cappuccino, the art of espresso continues to live on strong.

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Company Info

Alfa Cappuccino

ADDRESS 231 Millway Avenue, Units 7 & 8
CITY Concord
PHONE 1-800-764-ALFA
EMAIL info@espresso.com
Get Directions
Monday to Friday 8:30 AM - 5 PM

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